Coding Classroom

Accelerate Learning and Grading

An online coding assignment platform.

What is Coding Classroom?

Coding Classroom aims to improve classroom engagement between teachers and students through coding assignments. Teachers can create new classes and post assignments, which students can solve and submit directly.

As a Teacher

Streamline classroom assignments and assessments. Generate classroom and assignment-wise reports.

  1. Manage classrooms
  2. Auto-graded assignments
  3. Student performance analysis
  4. Check out a demo teacher account.

As a Student

Learn coding through assignments without any setup or submission hassle.

  1. Get test-case coverage for each submission
  2. Submit your best-performing submission
  3. No setup required
  4. Check out a demo student account.

Built For Everyone

In our goal to support learning in schools and colleges all over the world, Coding Classroom is free to use.

Note: However, certain user limits (although generous) are enforced to keep everything running smoothly

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Multi-language Support

Program in your language of choice, we currently support C, C++, and Python. We are adding more languages with every update!

Faster Execution

We process your code on our servers rather than using an external API. So you will see your results as soon as you press the run button.

Logic Building

Programming is a great way to improve problem-solving skills and critical thinking ability. Keep completing assignments on our site while enhancing your logical thinking abilities.